Dezvoltare personală prin cultivarea fericirii ca stare de spirit


Da, fericirea este o stare a spiritului nostru. Nu există în afara spiritului nostru. Nu există decât ca stare și ca evoluție a spiritului nostru.

Da, fericirea se cultivă.

Și da, faptul de a lucra la starea ta de spirit fericită contribuie semnificativ la dezvoltarea ta personală.

Găsești suport pentru aceste idei în acest articol, din care redau aici un fragment.

”5 Ways to Activate Your Happiness:

1. Kindness Counts: Research shows that people who did five acts of kindness per week over six weeks experienced increased happiness and other positive consequences. You don’t have to practice this every day to discover that being kind to others makes you happier. When has this shown up for you?

2. Time for Happiness: Rather than linking money and happiness, we are better off examining the relationship between time and happiness in our lives. We can be happier by following these time-spending happiness rules: “1) spend time with the right people; 2) spend time on the right activities; 3) be aware that happiness changes over time.” What times in your life have brought you unforgettable happiness?

3. Feel the Flow: When hours feel like minutes and you are totally absorbed in what you are doing, you are in a “flow” state. Athletes call it being “in the zone.” Research shows that flow state happens when you have the right ratio of challenge to skill level, i.e., when you’re challenged just enough to engage your skill set at the appropriate level. What makes you feel that way?

4. Mindset Matters: When something bad happens you can either choose to put yourself down and succumb to the “inner critic” or look into what there is to learn from the situation. If a presentation didn’t go well, you can either say: “I’m always bad at this type of thing” (Dr. Carol Dweck calls this the fixed mindset) or: “It happens; next time I’ll prepare and practice more,” (the growth mindset). Which perspective will you choose?

5. Count Your Blessings: Practicing gratitude and visualizing your best positive self help increase and sustain positive emotion. Those making daily gratitude lists (even 1-3 things that you are grateful for) reported levels of alertness, enthusiasm, determination, optimism and energy. Worth a shot?”

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